Introduction. Clarification of the role of tax receipts in the formation of budget revenues, the dynamic analysis of their absolute and relative values both for the consolidated budget and for the levels of the budget system in the context of constant adjustment of budget and tax legislation becomes relevant and timely, which requires a return to the consideration of this issue.

Purpose of the paper is to deepen the theoretical and practical foundations of the nature, composition and structure of tax receipts, their role in filling budgets of different levels.

Results. The article demonstrates the inconsistency of the norms of budget and tax legislation that took place before 2011 in the context of determining the composition of tax payments. It is explained the need for preliminary adjustment of the reporting indicators of the treasury before conducting a dynamic analysis of budget revenues. The decisive role of tax revenues in the formation of budget revenues is shown, the dynamics of their actual and real values is presented, the list of budget-forming taxes and fees of consolidated, state and local budgets is named. The role of local taxes and fees in generating revenue for local government budgets is determined. The nature and results of legislative changes in the composition of taxes and fees for the period 2010–2019 are explained. The proportions of differentiation of taxes and fees between budgets are determined and demonstrated, it is shown that the processes of decentralization of funds mainly occur at the level of local budgets, the share of tax revenues of the state budget in the country’s consolidated budget remains stably high. The change in the proportions of the distribution of tax revenues between budgets within the framework of the consolidated budget as a result of the begun practice of forming united territorial communities is demonstrated.

Conclusions. A further increase in the importance of tax receipts in budgeting at all levels should be directed towards improving the economic conditions of business entities and their employees, multiplying their income and profits as a real source of funds for filling budgets, rather than being the result of formal changes budget and tax laws.

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state taxes and fees, local taxes and fees, tax revenues, state budget, local budgets

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